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A solar system of seven Earth-sized planets has been discovered by NASA, renewing hope of finding life on a planet other than our own. Researchers report that three of the planets may have oceans. It's hoped that NASA's James Webb Space Telescope, due to launch in 2018, may be able to provide more information.
The last protesters at Standing Rock have been evicted in a military take-over, bringing an end to the stand-off over the Dakota Access Pipeline. Members of the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe and other activists had camped at the site since August 2016 to protest the pipeline due to fears that it would contaminate their drinking water and desecrate sacred tribal sites on the property. Former President Obama had denied the final permit for the pipeline's construction last December, but incoming President Trump expedited final approval four days after taking office.
The health impacts of climate change cannot be ignored, according to former Vice President Al Gore at a one day summit attended by public health experts and others in Atlanta. Infectious diseases, heat stress, allergies, and worsening air pollution are all important health concerns that are not receiving sufficient attention, per Gore. The summit took the place of a three day conference on climate change and health sponsored by the CDC which was abruptly cancelled when the Trump administration assumed power.
The prize for European Tree of the Year may be won by the historical Brimmon Oak in Britain. The 500 year old tree, which grows on a Welsh farm, has survived three attempts to kill it via road construction, chopping it down, and replanting. The Brimmon Oak still faces competition from a Polish hollow oak that served as a hiding place for a Jewish family during World War II as well as a Czech lime tree.
Got moss? The moss carpet mat...that's a carpet made of living moss, not moss coloredÉ..makes a lot of lofty promises but certainly fulfils one's desire to bring the outdoors in. Promising a fluffy feel, relaxation vibes, and the ability to "make you dream", the carpet is available with mosses already planted or one can purchase the recycled foam base and purchase mosses separately. Click on the above link to view the mat that will reportedly reawaken your senses.
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