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I planted a garden in place of some lawn for the first time this year. I had great success with tomatoes and eggplant but had hardly any peppers and squash. All my plants got plenty of sun and ample fertilizer. What happened? Darren, Norwich, CT

Mort's Answer:
All things being equal, I am going to lay blame on the lack of pollination. This was a late start for spring in the northeast because of the prolong winter. There was a shortage of bees and many vegetables suffered because of the lack of attention. It got too hot too quickly and this did not help the bees. Next year rotate your crops. This will save nutrients in the soil. You need not wait for the sons of bees. You could pollinate with a Q tip if you get the same sudden surge of heat. Wait until you see yellow pollen inside the flower and insert the pollen into the throats of the same species.

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