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Question: 419-3410
Is there any special care for Heirloom tomatoes? Todd, New London, CT

Mort's Answer:
Not really. All tomatoes need warm soil and hot sun with plenty of water. A high middle fertilizer can be added after they are a foot tall. Plant them at least three feet apart. Staking is preferable for all tomato vines.

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Question: 426-3410
We got a frost recently and had some dieback on my tomato plants. Do think that we should start over? Audry, Kewanee, IL

Mort's Answer:
Some varieties of tomato will produce a bushel of tomatoes on one plant. Most will give you a half bushel. Since tomatoes require warm soil, there is no advantage in putting them out earlier than May 30th in zone 6. I would throw old thedamaged plants and start anew. Plant them three feet apart and give them enough water to get them going. Do not over fertilize. A handful of 5-10-10 for each plant will suffice.

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