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Question: 381-3410
Is it possible to stop Sweet Gum trees from producing those little spike balls? Cress.

Mort's Answer:
Liquidamber is hardy throughout most of the United States. Because of its sweet resin scent and its beautiful fall foliage, it is widely used in landscapes. You will need to spray the flowers, when they appear in the spring with Sevin. The berry that results is the spike ball. This allows the tree to seed easily and survive as a specie. L. styraciflua grows to 120 feet and is hardy from zone 5 south. L.formosana grows to 60 feet and has less seed pods or spike balls. L.acalcina grows the same height as Formosa and is hardy only from zone 6 to 8. You will need to use a pressure sprayer on the larger trees.

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