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I had a border of lirope that is quickly spreading into the bed with peonies and lilies (Asiatic). Is it better to let it act as a ground cover, or should I be pulling it out? I am afraid to be digging around the peony plants. Terry

Mort's Answer:
Liriope is an excellent ground cover. L. muscari has a lilac blue flower and L. muscari variegata has a striped yellow leaf. L. spicata is grass like with a pale lilac color that is almost white. L.spicata only grows to eight inches, while L. muscari grows to 18 inches. I would not worry about interference. They can always be removed easily. Peonies are finicky and do not like to be disturbed. Digging around peonies is not easily tolerated. Asiatic lilies have their own nutrient in the bulb.

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