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I am planting a frame garden in my yard.  Last year I had it in the middle of my lawn, and it did get mold,  and the year before -tomato blight.  This year I put the frame on concrete.  I thought that would be okay. because concrete has lime in it.  I put dirt,  then  scrap mulch,  then  fertilizer, and mixed it all together.  I planted Lettuce and Parsley so far.  My son says it is wrong to plant on top of concrete.  Please tell me,  if I can do that or not. Reader, Warwick, RI

Mort's Answer:
Concrete does release lime, which can neutralize mold. Mold may be emanating from wood, if that is the frame. Fungi can be wind blown or soil based. Rotating crops can cut down on diseases. I would suggest that you use pillows for your tomatoes. Buy bags of potting soil or some other sterile medium. Lay the bags flat on the cement. Put two slits in each bag to accommodate two tomato plants each. A nursery in southern RI uses this method quite successfully to get early tomatoes in addition to field grown tomatoes. If you  succeed with the parsley and lettuce, you can try some other veggies next year. Soil in the frame should be sterile, as well.

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