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Question: 1433-261`
Is there a remedy for loam laced with herbicide? We purchased this from a farm and learned they used it on their corn. My cucumbers and melons look sick. Jesse, Ledyard, CT

Mort's Answer:
It will eventually dissipate. Let me suggest that you start some new seeds in peat pots and plant the entire pots after germination either indoors or outdoors. You should have plenty of time and heat this year.

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Question: 379-3410
We have spurs in the gravel driveway that are getting into the lawn. Is there a herbicide that we can use to get rid of them? Debbie, Savanah, GA

Mort's Answer:
You can use the target sprays like Round-Up for the driveway and lawn herbicides like Preen.Follow directions on the label. Do not use either near wells.

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