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Question: 444-3510
Our Canadian Hemlocks have a cotton like substance on the branches. How can we get rid of it? Theresa, Swansea, MA

Mort's Answer:
f you can still buy diazonin in your stores, you can apply it with malathion to get rid of the wooly aphid. It has been baned by the EPA as of the end 2003. You can call an arborist for professional help. Other sprays are not as effective. Follow directions on the labels.

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Question: 1058-5013
My hemlocks were not sprayed in the fall for woolly aphids. Is there anything I can do? Ed, Bosra, CT

Mort's Answer:
If there are no signs of disease, they have probably moved on to greener pastures. Some species lay eggs in cones to be. They will swell and take on a green color. You should remove them, when and if they appear. You can spray now with Neem. It is a natural oil spray that is not dependent on temperatures of 65 like dormant sprays.

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