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Question: 377-3410
Can you suggest some perennials that are deer resistant ? David, Old Lyme, CT

Mort's Answer:
If the deer population is very high in your area and the snow cover is extended, let me advise that deer will eat anything. There are a few that the deer will pass over for others. Veronica grows 18 inches with tall spikes of blue flowers. Veronica will bloom from early summer to frost in zones 5 through 8. It likes the sun. Coreopsis rosea is a short pink (10 inches). C. rosea can take some shade but prefers sun. Both the Veronica and Coreopsis like well drained fertile soil. Yellow Yarrow will shunt deer. It may be the strong aroma from this two foot Achillea millefolium that dismisses the deer. Yarrow grows well infertile soil that is sand and loves sunshine. Yarrow is hardy from zone 3 to 8. Artemisia with gray green foliage and Delphiniums are excellent keepers. The dwarf blue flowering Delphinium grows to 10 inches in the sunshine from zone 5 to 9. Artemisia Powis Castle grows to three feet in sun from zone 5 to 9. Like most perennials both like the fertile sandy soil.

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