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Question: 539-1911
We have had a great deal of trouble with ants on my Currants and other plants.  Is there any thing that you can recommend? Denver, Livingston, MT

Mort's Answer:
The best ant controls were taken off the market a few years ago. Dursban and dioxinin were baits that were carried back to the nest. The University of Rhode Island published a report in May 2009.It listed eight bait chemicals that were 80 to 90% effective in killing fire ants. Abamectin, fenoxycxarb, s-methopene and pyripoxyfer are growth regulators that kill new ants in a few days but take longer to get the older ants. Indoxacarb, spinosad, hydramethylnon and fibronil take four to six weeks to be effective. Natural predators are now spreading through Texas and Florida but these parasitic phorid flies kill only three percent of the colonies. A listener to my show in Austin, Texas has used fenoxycarb with success.  Another listener used cinnamon with success. That might be tasty, if you eat ants. URI recommends using a couple of baits in combination.

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