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Question: 1208-4914
I love the scent of cedar and hemlock for wreaths. What are some of the other scented evergreens? Clarence, Slidell, LA

Mort's Answer:
Many people love the scent of pine but it is not as long lasting as a Christmas tree as Balsam Fir with its distinctive scent. Christmas trees with a fresh cut within two hours of placing in water, will all give off a scent. Water levels need to be over the cut at all times to maintain the breathing for the trees. White and red spruce are also pleasant but they will be the first to lose their needles. Firs will be the last. Some folks do not like the odor of Douglas Fir but that tree lasts the longest. Any evergreen tree can be a symbol of eternal life and used for the holidays, even arborvitae, which translates to tree of life. If you want to kill off a tree, cut the bottom sides to fit the stand. This shaving will cut off the flow of water to the branches and the tree will dry out much quicker. Putting a wreath between the storm door and the inside door will dry any wreath much quicker than on the outside.

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