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Question: 404-3410
What can we use to get rid of wooly aphid on our hemlocks? Mike, Galesferry, CT

Mort's Answer:
You can still purchase Diazonin during 2002. A high pressure spray in combination with malathion is still the most effective treatment for wooly aphid. Follow directions on the label. After 2002, you can use soap and malathion. It is not as effective. You will have to spray more often.

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Question: 420-3410
How do I treat for wholly aphid? Ron, Westerly RI & Mike, Galesferry, CT

Mort's Answer:
You can still buy diazonin until the end of 2003. Combine the diazonin with malathion. Follow directions on the packages for evergreens. Spray again in ten days to catch the eggs. High pressure sprays are more effective. Arborists have this equipment for hire.

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