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Question: 910-1213
There is a person on the east side of the Rockies in Oregon that grows vegetables in a soil that is regularly mulched with wood. They have about 16 inches of rainfall each year, I am thinking of adding wood mulch to some of my soils. Our rainfall has been decreasing every year. We now are getting about 23 inches. Bill, Tulsa, OK

Mort's Answer:
Many of the red colored wood mulches are dyed with an iron oxide. This may be an additional benefit. I would test the soil for iron before buying. If you use your own wood, check for beetles. You will need to plow in at least two inches each year. In very dry areas of the country, some folks will grow veggies under six or eight inches of wood mulch. Mulch retains water and rots. As it rots, it will draw nitrogen from the soil beneath. When it is rotten enough, it will add nitrogen to the soil. Like soil enriched with compost, mulch can be good organic additive.

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