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Witch Hazel

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Question: 520-1511
Why are my Witch Hazels not blooming? They are very healthy looking. Two are in wet soil. Katherine, Upper Peninsular, MI

Mort's Answer:
Witch Hazel will bloom in the winter and is very hardy. Hamamelis mollis blooms in the winter with a yellow flower and red at the base. It will bloom later than H. japonica with the bright yellow flower and is hardy from zone 5 south. H.vernalis grows only to six feet but is only hardy in zone 6 south. H. virginiana grows to 15 feet has bright yellow flowers and like mollis is hardy in zone 2. Apply a handful to each plant 5-10-10 granular fertilizer this spring. You can use bonemeal for the wet soil plants to add phosphorus to your soil.

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