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My white pine had a borer in the leader, which we just removed. The interior of the plant is shedding and the plant generally looks weak. Did the borer cause this? What can I do? Frank, Providence, RI

Mort's Answer:
White pine weevil do feed on the terminal shoots. This may be boring, but it isn't terminal as far as the pine is concerned. Pine suffers from dry winds and dry soil. Drill 6 or 8 holes at the leaf drop about 2 ft. deep. Fill the holes with water two or three nights in a row. Then fill the holes with 10-6-4 fertilizer. This will add vigor to the tree next year. Check near the roots for grubs by digging down a foot. If you see grubs, add grubicide to the soil. Otherwise, it's just a dry story but not boring.

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