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White Flower

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Question: 1247-1515
We have seen this white flower that looks like a dogwood but cupped. It grows about a foot and a half. The flower turns to opaque when it rains. Do you know what it is and where can we buy it? Jean, Norwich, CT

Mort's Answer:
Diphyllieia grayi can be bought through catalogues. I doubt that you will find it at retail here in New England. It is a woodland plant found mostly in the southeast. Wild plant societies might be able to direct you to potential vendors. I know the RI Plant Society often has a exhibit at the annual expo in Kingston, RI. I have seen D.cymosa in a West Virginia nursery catalogue. It is also perennial and could be easily shipped. It likes cooler shady areas and is hardy from zones 4 to 7. Its common name is Skelton Flower. It is related to Umbrella plant, D.cymosa and they are in the Mayapple family.

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