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We have a 20-foot high weeping cherry tree that has thrived in full sun in our front yard since we bought the house over 12 years ago and it has regularly blossomed pink every April. This year it has been suffering from something eating all the leaves; a few sickly blossoms tried to appear in April, but we had thought maybe the spring frosts had hurt it. Now I see tiny black dot bugs and webs under the leaves, but almost all the leaves have already been chewed. But it looks like the branches do have new growth. What can we do to save it? We have only .3 acres of land in between houses so any spray must be safe for other gardens/homes. Karen, Mystic, CT

Mort's Answer:
You would be best served by hiring a professional tree company. Because of the tricky spring weather, we have had a lot of flowering fruit trees miss their blooms in southern New England. In the second week of March, we had extensive growth spurts and many trees lost their buds subsequently. When plants get one disease they are prone to other pathogens. Many trees now have winter moth as well as aphids. Your tree company should spray for fungi and insects. Powders will be more likely to be spread by the wind than sprays. Trees can be given injections now instead of some sprays.

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