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Question: 592-3211
Earlier this year, while tilling in some of last years leaves into my garden, I included some grass clippings from my newly cut lawn. After I did this, I realized that I had used a crabgrass preventer/fertilizer on the lawn. How long should I wait to make sure that the effects of the lawn application don't show up in the vegetable that I'd like to plant there? Wayne, Oakridge, NC

Mort's Answer:
Clean compost is excellent for gardens. Weed killers are growth retarders in the soil. It should not take longer than one year to dissipate the growth inhibitors.

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Question: 1311-4115
Can I get a weed killer that will work in my flower beds? Evelyn, Norwich, CT

Mort's Answer:
It would be easier to wait for a good dry day this fall to pull all the weeds. From this point on, the weeds are are getting weaker. If they are in dry soil, they will succumb to a vigorous extraction. Rake out the beds after your have cut back your perennials. it is best to rake it out again in the early spring and apply cornstarch. This will create a film that will discourage weed seed from germinating. A commercial product, Preen, is very effective when applied in the same manner.

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