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Weed Control

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Question: 248-5201
Can I use vinegar as a weed control? Linda, Niantic, CT

Mort's Answer:
Any strong acid will kill weeds. Be careful, it will burn any plant tissue that it touches. We have a dogwood that was damaged by a rabbit. It ate the bark completely around the base. I wrapped the stem in cloth but it hasn't helped. Will the tree survive? Linda, Niantic, CT Unfortunately, if the bark is completely girdled the tree will not survive. The outer ring just inside the cambium of the bark, is the fibrovascular tubes for the food and water. When these tubes are cut, the tree can no longer take nutrient to sustain itself. If you cut the tree down below the girdle, it might produce new stems. This is a long shot that you can not count on.

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Question: 1132-2314
Can I use straw for weed control in my garden? Katie, Marquette, MI

Mort's Answer:
If you cultivate every ten days by just scratching the surface, you can create a dust mulch. You have to clear the beds of any weeds including the roots before placing straw between your plants. Straw is excellent and helps moderate soil temperature. You have to be consistent with straw replacement as a mulch. It will often produce beetles that will forage on the bottom. Light applications can be tilled into the soil every fall before refreshing in spring or fall. It might be easier just using a dust mulch.

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