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Trumpet Vine

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Question: 356-5201
My trumpet vine has yet to bloom. What can I give it to bring flowers? Al, Warwick, RI

Mort's Answer:
If it is in the sun, it should bloom with the help of 5-10-10 granular fertilizer.

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Question: 421-3410
My trumpet vine has not bloomed yet. How can I get it to bloom? Sydney, Oakdale, CT

Mort's Answer:
You need to make phosphorus available to your plant. Most soils have ample phosphorus but it is locked up quite frequently. Use 5-10-10 fertilizer each spring or fall. A handful will suffice away from the root.

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Question: 545-2011
My mom used to be in love with the Trumpet-Hummingbird Vine. It had a fern like leaf and a pink trumpet flower. Is there such a plant and where can I find it? Michele, Livingston, MT

Mort's Answer:
Sometimes Dutchmen's Pipe is referred to as Trumpet Vine but it does not have the fern leave and is dark red. Neither Campsis radicans nor C.chinensis , which are called Trumpet  Creepers, have the fern like leaf  and they are red also.  There is an Ipomoea hirsutula with a blue purple or white  trumpet and fern like leaves. It should be planted as an annual. You may find it in a seed catalogue as a Morning Glory variety. You might soak the seeds in warm water for eight hours before planting.

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