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Tropicana Canna

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We have a Tropicana Canna that we planted in a pot this year. It did not bloom this year . We have had other Canna bloom in pots in previous years. I did use a liquid fertilizer in the spring and had a burst of growth. When can I take the root indoors? What happened to the flower? Lisa, Saunderstown, RI

Mort's Answer:
It did not go south. It still may bloom in this Indian summer. Liquid fertilizers are not good for all blooming plants especially in pots. The Tropicana is a beautiful canna that could have been planted in the soil outdoors. It would have had a better opportunity to pick up some phosphorus, which is not in most potting soils and liquid fertilizers. Wait until after the first light frost to cut off the tops and store the tuberous root stock for the winter. Store it in a cool dry cellar, if possible. Use new sawdust or a brown paper bag for storage.

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