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Question: 996-3313
I need to trim my evergreen trees to below the eaves. Can I cut them now? Bill, Tulsa, OK

Mort's Answer:
You need to do hit in two steps. If you hit them too severely now, you will get a brown flat top.Take out the main long branches now to make it less compact. This will allow for some interior growth. Generally the back sides are brown for lack of chlorophyl. This will continue with or without pruning. In late September you can finish the job by cutting it down to the bottom of the eaves.

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Question: 1211-4914
With all this violent weather attributed to global warming, can we have a concerted effort by the populace to plant more trees? David, San Francisco, CA

Mort's Answer:
More trees will add more oxygen and use up more carbon dioxide. We all can help with our own property and encouraging public officials to design green spaces on public land. We need to do so much more to reverse the road that we have taken toward pollution. Some scientists have warned that we have passed the point of no return now. This planet may become devoid of humans very soon. How ironic!

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Question: 962-2613
I bought two three foot trees with three different fruits on them. When can I prune them? Fred, Shellyville. IL

Mort's Answer:
I would concern myself with just establishing roots of the trees the first year. Winter is the best time to prune or early spring. You will also need a spray program that includes a dormant oil spray that can be applied in the late fall or early spring. Leave three main branches for scaffolding that will accommodate the flower bearing branches.

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