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Question: 565-2511
My hybrid tea rose that I have had for ten years is not doing well. Any suggestions? Donna, Middletown, NY

Mort's Answer:
It has not been a good season for roses. I'm sure that you have followed the instructions that I offered Jack, if you have done well to this point. You prune back heavily to three or four main canes. You may have a fungus developing. Captan is excellent. Another effective spray for roses is the home orchard sprays offered by a number of companies. Follow directions on the labels.

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Question: 629-4111
I have a new hybrid tea rose. It had one, three and three roses in successive waves. It is about three feet tall now. Should I prune and should I cover it for the winter? Darlene, Jewett City, CT

Mort's Answer:
Hybrid tea roses should be cut back to two feet for the first winter. After the last rose has dissipated , leave just three main stems. This will be your scaffolding for the summer blooms, You could cover it with burlap but it is not necessary . You may get some dieback in the spring. Remove the black edge as the buds start to swell. Use only organic fertilizer preferably manure.

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