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Sweet Potato

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Question: 264-5201
Should Sweet Potato be planted in rows? Todd, Waterford, CT

Mort's Answer:
Any plant benefits with elevated rows , especially vine type plants. Rows make it easier to cultivate and keep weeds at a minimum. Weeds attract insects. It is far easier to harvest in rows. Ipomoea batatas is more easily grown in zone 6 in the past years but still risky. They like warm sandy soil. Use a low nitrogen fertilizer. A good variety for Connecticut is Big Stem Jersey. You will need to wait until the end of June in your area for planting. Drying is done for two weeks at 80 to 86 degrees in a well ventilated area. Be careful not to cut or damage the roots. Later you can keep them at 55 degrees. Another method for keeping involves putting them in wet sand until ready for cooking. You may not have enough time to harvest and cure them at 80 degrees.

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Question: 265-5201
Do we need to hill up Sweet Potato? Todd, Waterford, CT

Mort's Answer:
It is not necessary but it would not hurt since they are large vines. Northern varieties should be planted, when the soil temps are 60 or above. Yellow and Red Jersey are two hardier varieties grown as far north as New Jersey. Connecticut is a stretch but not impossible with the longer growing seasons that we now experience. Northern slips or plants should be in rows 30 inches apart with plants 15 inches in a row. Sweet Potatoes are easily damaged by frost. They must be dug immediately ,when hit by frost. Remove the blackened vines first before pulling out the potatoes. Juice from a spoiled vine will go into the root and ruin it. Throw away any damaged roots. Be careful handling the roots. They will only last, if they are cured. Cure the Sweet potato at 80 to 86 degrees over slats. The warm air must be taken out of the room to remove the moisture. After two weeks of drying, the temps should be 55 for keeping.

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