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Smoke Tree

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Question: 147-5201
My 6 foot Smoke Tree does not have flowers. How can I get it to bloom? Leo, Rumford, RI

Mort's Answer:
Cotinus Americanus, also known as chittamwood, has a pie shaped leaf compared to C. coggygria. Flowers appear in July in both species. Fruit from the flowers on the American are not as showy as C.coggygria. The fruit that gives the smoked appearance is in August and September. I would add some 5-10-10 and bonemeal to hasten the blooming. Dig 6 holes with a crowbar that go down a foot about 2 feet from the trunk. Fill with 50% bonemeal and 5-10-10.

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Question: 148-5201
When is a good time to fertilize Smoke Tree? Jesse, Pawtucket, RI

Mort's Answer:
Cotinus coggygria or Eurasian smoke bush grows to about 12 feet with an oval 3 inch leave. This is the more common smoke in New England. C. coggygria aka Rhus coggygria has green-purple hairs in the bloom. American Smoke Tree grows to 20 feet and the leaves are wedge shaped. Both are relatively easy to grow but can use some help in the early stages of their development. Dig a dozen holes with a crowbar at the leave drop line that are a foot deep. Fill these holes with 5-10-10 fertilizer. This should be a one time application. Early spring is best but it can be anytime. It isnšt necessary to repeat this unless in later years it is not thriving.

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