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Question: 1076-313
We have a screened porch that is not heated in the winter. We are building an aviary for finches. What plants can you recommend? Bob, Johnston, RI

Mort's Answer:
You can have an indoor Japanese garden with dwarf shrubs. Hanging fuchsias, verbena, lantana and long-throated flowering hanging plants will enhance the environment in the spring, summer and fall. They will need to be moved to a heated area for the winter. Dwarf evergreens of Andorra or San Jose Juniper in containers will add color in the winter. Robinšs Nest Spruce is a low compact dwarf that birds love. A dwarf Japanese maple, Acer palmatum, has red or green finely cut leaves. It will defoliate in the winter. I prefer clay pots in a third sand and two-thirds potting soil mix.

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