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Question: 138-5201
I transplanted three 15 foot Redwoods within my forest in April. They are now droopy, brittle and drying out. Can I save them or should I throw them out? ND, Northern CA

Mort's Answer:
Unless you had six foot balls dug with a machine, I doubt that you had adequate soil to transplant 15 foot Sequoias. I would suggest that you start small. Root prune some other S.gigantea or S. sempervirens in the fall. A six foot tree should have a two foot ball. Be sure to carve under the ball as well. Leave the tree in the same hole and throw back the soil. You could add some sand to the soil to help rooting. You can complete the transplant in the spring. Do not put any fertilizer on the plant in the spring. Water thoroughly once or twice and let it be. You do not want to rot the roots.

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