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Question: 93-5201
We are moving to Conway, NH. We have been told that Red Maples and Dogwwod will not grow there. What else besides Flowering Crab would grow? Jim,

Mort's Answer:
There are some dogwood, hawthorn , cherry and Mountain Ash that will grow in zone 5 Cornus mas is a small dogwwod with little yellow flowers in March and a red fall berry. C .racemosa or gray dogwood has white flowers and a white berrry. Cornus alba orTartarian dogwood grows to 10 feet with a blue -white berry and an inch wide white flower. C.alba argenteo-marginata has white edged leaves. C. alba sibirica has red twigs and C. alba spaethi has yellow edged leaves. Mountain Ash with a white flower and orange-red berry in the fall, Sorbus americana grows to 30 feet. Sorbus aucuparia has flower clusters that are6 inches wide. It is also known as the Rowan tree with deep red berries. The Prunus genus has many flowering specie that will grow south of the White Mountains. Rosebud cherry, red plum, bird cherry, flowering cherry ,sloe and St. Lucie cherry are all suitable flowering trees for your garden in New Hampshire. Prunus mahaleb is very hardy and used for grafting stock. Commonly known as St.Lucie cherry, it had finger shaped sweet scented white flower clusters. Bird cherry or P. padus grows to 40 feet with fragrant white flowers and a small black berry. P. pennsylvanica gows to 25 feet with a red berry and white flowers. This wild red cherry is very hardy to Canada. P.nigra will grow north to New Brunswich. Sloe or P. spinosa will have white flowers before the leaves appear and have a blue-black sloe berry in the fall for your drinks. P. subhirtella grows shrub like to 30 feet. This Rosebud has pink flowers and comes in a weeping form ( P. subhirtella pendula) or autumn flowers (autumalis). P. sieboldi is another white or pink flowering cherry that also blooms double. Hawthorns are hardy in zone 5, Two English hawthorn that will do well in 5 include the Crataegus monogyna and C.oxycantha. C. monogyna has many varieties in pink, white, red and double flowers. it is a smal shrub like tree that will grow to 15 feet. C. oxycantha grows to 30 feet and some have droopping branches and fern like leaves. both have red fruit. Pear haw or blacktorn, C.tomentosa grow to 15 feet with orange-red fruit. C. crus-galli grows to 30 feet with many thorns. Cockspur thorn is hardy to Canada.

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