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Question: 986-3113
Can I transplant my raspberries and blackberries now? Steve, Gardner, MA

Mort's Answer:
You could try but it is unlikely that you can succeed. Deciduous plants are best moved when the maple leaves start to fall. You can cut back canes now but this is also better in the fall or winter. Both plants bloom on two year old canes. You can tag the new canes now. When you move the plant there will be less to deal with later.

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Question: 1120-1914
When do I cut back my raspberries and blackberries? They were sparse last year. Steve, Gardner, MA

Mort's Answer:
You can cut the old canes and half of the new shoots every fall or spring. Like lilacs, half of the new shoots need to be cut down to the ground. All old canes should also be cut to the soil line. You can add a handful of 5-10-10 granule fertilizer to each clump. Last year was an unusual pollinating situation. Fertilizing every other year will help.

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