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Question: 261-5201
I've got a patch of raspberries that didn't produce much fruit this year. What can I do to improve the amount of fruit? Evan, Galva, IL

Mort's Answer:
Raspberries bloom on two year old wood. You can prune and trim in the winter. At this time of year there are less entanglements to interfere with your pruning. I would cut down to the ground half of the present stalks. The remainder of the stalks can be cut back to five or six feet long. From this year forward, I would tag the new sprouts each year. All the remainder may be then removed. In the spring, you can put down a handful of 5-10-10 fertilizer around each standing stem.

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Question: 865-5012
We have raspberries in a temporary spot in the ground . They have been there for two years and are really spreading. I cut them back to two feet. Can I move them now or in the spring? George, New Brunswick, Canada

Mort's Answer:
You can move them now or in the spring. Because raspberries bloom primarily on two year old wood, cut out most of the canes to the ground save four or five. New canes can be tagged for pruning each fall. Each fall leave just four or five canes on each plant and cut them back to two feet. Older canes should leave room for the fresh upstarts. This will allow better fruiting, especially if you add manure and bonemeal in the fall.

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