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Question: 166-5201
We have been using moth balls to get rid of rabbits with great success. Are there any draw backs? Emory, Appleton, WI

Mort's Answer:
The most obvious one is the harm that could come to household pets. It is not the most pleasant odor. Have-a- Heart traps are safe for the rabbits. You can bait them with lettuce and carrots, of course. You could also hire Elmer Fudd.

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Question: 167-5201
How can I keep rabbits from eating my mums? Sophie, Lincoln, RI

Mort's Answer:
You can use a Have-a-heart trap or fence them out. You don't want to poison the little rascals. You can use a bait of lettuce and/or carrots in the cage. The door will close shut behind them. Transport them to the woods, wherenature abounds with ample goodies for the rabbits. A solution of garlicand rotten eggs will sometimes deter rabbits and other animals. Dried blood spread on the ground has been effective. If the blood does not work,you still have an excellent fertilizer.

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