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Pole Beans

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Question: 260-5201
Something has cut off my pole beans at a foot high. I do not see any sign of animals. I have never seen anything like this in my 17 years of gardening. It also got my neighbors kale. Any ideas? John, Marlboro, MA

Mort's Answer:
We checked a number of farmers. They had no clue. A friend, Russ Martin, who is an avid gardener and bonsai specialist, had a similar problem two years ago. It turned out to be a rabbit. Apparently, they come out in the early morning or late evening to do their thing. They reach up on their hind feet. He too saw no traces until he saw them at mid day.

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Question: 780-2712
I lost my pole beans. I used 19-19-19 and noticed the fertilizer burn. What can I use in that 45 foot row? Bill, Tulsa, OK

Mort's Answer:
I would go to to a root vegetable like carrots, radishes or beets. You have time now to plant any or all of these. They will need well-tilled soil to grow unencumbered. Your fertilizer was much too strong unless you cut it by 75%.

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