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Plants for the Seashore

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Question: 352-5201
Can you suggest some plants for the seashore in Connecticut? Can we leave out Scavola MCC, CT

Mort's Answer:
Bulbs and grasses, some shrubs and trees will do well along the shore. Japanese black pine, birch, linden, spruce and Japanese and Norway maples are some of my favorite trees. Rhododendron maximum, Mountain Laurel and Skimmia are excellent shrubs. You will need a male and female Skimmia. Pretty near all grasses and perennials will do well. Coneflower, Joe pye weed , irises, foxglove, astilbe, and daffodils are good candidates. Ameria maritima or Sea pink is excellent. Rosa rugosa Hansa is the hardiest rose for the salt air and winds. Scavola is a recent introduction as a house plant. It is worth trying to let it survive, if you can spare a plant. Be sure to cover it with leaves or sand for the winter.

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