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Question: 1033-4213
I have been planting on the down side of the moon and harvesting on the upside for years with excellent results. Seay, White Sulphur Springs, WV

Mort's Answer:
A lot of research backs this up. Opinions differ on why this is so. Because seeds do not need a lot of light to grow could be a reason to plant at that time. Temperature of the soil is key. Another practice that goes back to the Middle Ages is to drop the naked bum into the soil to test the temperature. If the soil is warm enough the seeds are planted. This practice has been carried over to social occasions with some folks "mooning" unsuspecting spectators. Farmers have a huge advantage for early plantings because first food to market gets the best price. If they plant too late they may lose their shirt. It is always best to plant after the last average frost date in your growing zone and harvest when the fruit is ripe.

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