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Question: 257-5201
I grew a two and a half pound pineapple . Is it edible? Can I get more fruit? Will I need another apple to make it pollinate? Usha, AOL

Mort's Answer:
The pineapple top can be used to generate a new plant. Basal suckers can be cut off to start new plants. Sometimes there will be a sucker under the fruit. Since the stem grows through the fruit, the top inch can be sliced off and started above water. Some folks will put tooth picks in the side of the top to hold it above a bowl of water. Eventually, it produce roots. Basal suckers can be placed directly into sandy soil for rooting. The side shoots below the fruit will often replace the main stem. Using an apple creates a hormone stimulant for fruiting. You do not need to pollinate pineapple. It is seedless and edible.

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Question: 258-5201
Can you tell me how to start pineapple ? Joan, Middletown, RI

Mort's Answer:
Cut the top inch off the pineapple Place tooth picks into the sides and place directly over a bowl of water. It should barely touch the water. After the roots are well established move the rooted plant into potting soil. It will grow in a well lit window.

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