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Just when I thought I had a handle on Japanese Bamboo, along comes another unwanted plant, phragmites! My house has fresh water draining on both sides of the house into a small salt water cove and the phragmites have made it all the way around the cove and is now invading my yard. My latest attempt to stem the tide, as it were, is to cover the effected area with weed block and then that is covered with blue stone. In addition, in an adjoining area, I have laid out several 2 x 6 plexiglass sheets directly on the ground and have that covered with mulch. Other than pay probably several thousand dollars to have this stuff professionally removed, can you suggest any other eradication methods? Dennis, Middle, Tenn.

Mort's Answer:
This will require the diligence that you spent on Knotweed eradication. P. maximna will grow to 15 ft. with terminal flower clusters of 6-12 inches after three years. There are also variegated forms. It will grow on dry surfaces but can find its way into water edges . It is often found in trenches as a hedge. Three chemicals have been used with relative success. Dalapon is most effective in August and September and can be used all year. Glysophate is more effective at low dosages in September. Amitrole can be used with increased dosages in the summer and can be used with dalapon. Be aware of your local regulations regarding control and follow directions on the label.

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