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Question: 1059-5013
I have petunias in hanging pots in my glassed-in porch. They have revived since I brought them in from the cold. Will they continue and have another bloom? I also have some mums on the porch. Bill, Tulsa, OK

Mort's Answer:
Since petunias are annuals they may have run their course. Add some high phosphorus granular fertilizer. Some of the new wave types are quite hardy. It is worth the effort to get the ripple effect. Garden mums are not hardy but can survive indoors. Hardy mums are not everblooming and need the cycle of dormancy. You could try to keep them going indoors. Cut them back after they finish flowering. Light liquid fertilizer can be applied after they show new signs of growth. Wait for their cue. There is a good chance they they can be forced for Easter.

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