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Question: 244-5201
My deceased wife planted our large 24 inch urn with different plants each year. Can you recommend some perennial plants that will do well? I need one in the center that will fit in a 7 inch pot. Hank, St. Simonšs Island, GA

Mort's Answer:
Unfortunately, perennial plants get larger each year. If you want to replicate your wifešs practice, you will need annual planting of flowers. The edge of the planter can be hanging purple passion or spider plants. Philodendron, pathos or ivies will do nicely. They could last 3 or 4 years before a thinning out. The center should be an annual replacement of Vinca major, caladium, tuberose begonia, petunia, salvia or any good size flower. A small size gardenia would be wonderful but you would need to replace it with a smaller one each spring. The old gardenia could be subsequently placed in the garden.

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