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Peony Strawberries

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Question: 1454-3117
When do I transplant peonies and strawberries? My peonies have too much shade now from a nearby tree. Marlene, Marlboro, MA

Mort's Answer:
My suggestion would be to thin the tree or move the tree so the peonies can thrive. Peonies are more finicky than cats. They do not like to be moved. Your strawberries can be cut from the runners or side shoots. These new cuttings can be rooted in a sandy soil now and planted in raised rows in a few weeks for fall covering with straw. Framers do not like to use the mother plants more than two years. Most prefer to use entirely new plants for their crops. Aged manure can be mixed into the soil before planting. A handful of 5-10-10 for each plant in the spring will boost their potash requirements.

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