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Question: 334-5201
When is a good time to transplant peony? Larry, Taylorville, IL

Mort's Answer:
Peonies are very finicky but can be transplanted more easily in the fall. They do best in partial shade. Your new hole should contain rich well drained soil. Below the hole (about 2 down) you can put aged manure and 5-10-10 fertilizer. On top of the manure and fertilizer, you can add your soil. Make sure that the roots will not touch the manure. By the time the roots reach the manure, it will have rotted. Peonies do not like to be moved or even cultivated. It would be wise to put down a wood or grass clipping mulch to keep out the weeds. You can also transplant in the spring. Another option is to dig the root up in the fall and store the root in sawdust in a cool dry place for the winter. Definitely, do not move them in hot weather.

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Question: 1400-5016
How do I get rid of this gray mold on my peonies? Frank, Wilmington, Delaware

Mort's Answer:
f you have pine or cedar nearby, it is highly likely that this could be a perennial problem. You can dust the soil with lime now and spray with a fungicide in the late spring before the buds open. If you have a wood mulch, remove it before dusting. Captan is an excellent fungicide. Rosemary and oregano oils are good natural remedies. A lime sulphur compound like gypsum would work as a good dust.

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