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Question: 800-3212
My pecans are having few nuts the last couple of years. How can I get more nuts than I have? James, Austin, TX

Mort's Answer:
You should never spray around any flowering plant when it is blooming. Spraying can be done after the fruit has set. Oil sprays are recommended for application in the early spring before leaf sprouting and/or late fall. This improves the fight against nut case borers. Borers cause immature dropping of the nuts. If you have not fertilized in the last five years, your trees will benefit from added phosphorus. At the leaf drop make a circle of holes with an augur or crowbar that go down two to four feet. The number of holes equal the number of inches in the trunk at a foot from the ground. Fill those holes with 5-10-10. This will help produce more flowers to be pollinated.

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