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Question: 593-3211
Our flowering Pear has a green brown color to the leaves. It was a prolific bloomer this spring. It does not appear to be a part on top of the tissue but rather a part of it. Should I be concerned? John, Franklin, CT

Mort's Answer:
That bronze color is the natural color in the fall. There is some stress to the plant to be prematurely bronze. This year has been hot and wet in southeastern New England. You may have planted the tree too shallow. Soils in your area are subject to hardpan and clay. Clay has a lot of phosphorus and can be a benefit to produce flowers. I would not worry unless you find that the tree is on a rock. Symptoms of being between the rock and a hard place will show lack of vigor and dried branches. This can be remedied by transplanting at the appropriate time to deeper hole in the soil.

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