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Question: 484-711
Last year we had a lot of peaches but they were loaded with red aphids and borers. What can we use to keep them away? John, Austin, TX

Mort's Answer:
You need a complete spray program. Unfortunately, fruit are Mother Nature’s most attractive plants to disease and insects. Home Orchard spray has two insectides and a fungicide and can be used with an oil spray. Micronized sulphur may be easier to obtain than the Bordeaux mix, which is a lime sulphur compound. Match the micronized sulphur with an equal amount of hydrated lime except in the summer. Both packages will give you the dosages. Oil sprays are applied in the fall and spring, when the plants are defoliated. Neem oil spray is not temperature sensitive but nothing can be applied, while the flowers are on the trees.

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Question: 1308-4015
We have an abundance of Cling peaches this year. How can I regenerate more plants? Rod, Norwich, CT

Mort's Answer:
A more obvious way is to plant the dried pit stone. Plant it in sandy soil about five inches down this fall. Nurseries make cuttings for eventual grafting on to other root stock. You could make 20 or more cuttings from then one tree and prune the new plants heavily in the third and fourth years. Cuttings need to be terminal shoots about eight inches long. Cut off the tender ends about two inches. Shave off all the side leaves but leave two at the top to gather sunlight. At the bottom of the shoots cut them at an acute angle. Allow the cuttings to dry outside for two days. This can done now if you do this indoors or outdoors in the spring. Build a box that is six inches deep , fill with courses sand and insert prepared cutting only two inches into the planter box. I would suggest putting the box near a spigot outdoors. Water the sand once and then mist the new cuttings every day. You should have roots in about three months.

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