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Peach Trees

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My peach trees did not do well last year. The fruit was immature and the end branches had holes in them. The branches wept sap from the holes. I lost a couple of trees. They are all about four inches diameter at the trunk. Can I save the rest? John, Gardner, MA

Mort's Answer:
It is worth a try. Cut back the end branches as far as to see all white wood. Paint the cuts with tree wax or tree seal. Plum curculio affects the fruit and peach twig borer affects the branches. When one pathogen invades a tree, others will visit the vulnerable plants. You need to apply a dormant oil spray, when the temps go over 60 and before leave break. Neem oil spray can be applied instead now at any temp. You will also need to spray with a wettable Bordeaux Mix or a Home Orchard spray. Micronized sulphur may be easier to attain. Follow directions on the packages. Do not apply while the flowers are on the trees.

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