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Question: 1139-2614
My peach tree, which has been excellent in prior years, are dropping small peaches to the ground. My blueberry bush has been producing tiny mummified fruit this year. Any suggestions? Peter, Preston, CT

Mort's Answer:
Both plants need a balanced fertilizer high in phosphorus. The old mummies should be cleaned out from under the bushes. Cut out any distorted branches as well. Blueberries do very well with a good ten inches of aged mulch. Peaches require a complete spray program. Home Orchard sprays and an oil spray will keep your tree free of insects and disease. Oil sprays like Neem can be applied in fall and in the spring when the leaves are gone. Dormant oil sprays at temperature sensitive and need to applied around 65 degrees in spring and fall. Peach tree borer lays its edges in the twigs and can be discouraged with the oil sprays. Other insects and fungi can be controlled with Bordeaux or Home Orchard spray. Follow directions on the labels. Do not spray when the trees are in bloom.

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Question: 1019-3913
My Black Eyed Susan plants get a black mold on them. What can I do to rid them of this. Secondly, I have three peach trees that did extremely well in year two and three. Since then, some of the fruit get black spots, but the majority turns all brown and dries up. Need your help as these are my favorites. David, Rhode Island

Mort's Answer:
This was a big year for mold and other fungi. Both of your plants are highly susceptible to infestation. Fruit trees are nature's most attractive candidates for insects and fungi. Insects carry fungi and bacteria. Most fungi are wind blown and may weather the winter in pines, cedars and other evergreens. You need a complete spray program for your peach tree. This fall, use a dormant oil spray to keep the creepy crawlies away. Home orchard combination spray will control most of your problem and can be started next spring and every subsequent year. This combination fungicide and insecticide could be substituted with Benlate, Captan or Zenab for the Black Eyed Susan fungus. Follow directions on the labels.

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