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We have wild parsnip here in Marquette, Michigan. People get severe rashes from these plants. I think folks need to be aware of these plants. Katie

Mort's Answer:
You are absolutely right. Polytaenia nuttalliia, a close cousin called prairie parsley, is a threatened species in nearby Wisconsin. Pastinaca saliva can be controlled by slicing the root below the surface. Wild parsnip can grow in the hot sun but prefers shady areas. It causes phytophotodermatitis, a rash that can blister. Discoloration of the skin can occur in a few months. Seeds take three weeks to germinate. Burning the crop will not kill the root. Leaves are pinnately compounded with saw toothed edges with deep lobes and well branched. Plants are single stemmed with hundreds of small yellow flowers and grow to four feet. Wild parsnip can be quickly invasive, if not nipped in the onset. Handle this with adult gloves.

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