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Question: 1223-315
I like to start my plants inside a rubber tire. Later I can spread them out in the garden. Do you think I can start parsley now? Clarence, Slidell, LA

Mort's Answer:
Since you are in zone 9a, there should be no problem. If you have some left from last year this biennial can be cut back and started again. Because the seeds will take 9 to 10 weeks from germination to planting in garden and three weeks before last frost, you should be good shape. You can always cover the tire with clear plastic and you have great protection from a wind chill. I am in zone 6 and would have to start indoors in February and plant at the beginning of May in the garden. I would add an interim step by planting seedlings in peat pots unless I decide to put them in clay pots for an indoor herb garden.

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