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Pampas Grass

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Question: 713-1112
Can I leave my pampas grass uncut through the winter? It is about 10 feet tall. Lois, Taylorville, IL

Mort's Answer:
Cortaderia argentea is always a pretty grass in the winter. Cutting it back makes it spread laterally. Your plants will have more seeds if left to stand. This means that you will have a shelter and a feeder for the birds. If the Pampas Grass is near water it can reach 15-20 ft. tall. It is not necessary to cut it back.

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Question: 898-913
I knows some people leave the Pampas grass until spring to cut it back. Which is better, spring or fall. Linda, Pana, IL

Mort's Answer:
It is simply a matter of taste. Cutting back grass plants allows for more root growth especially through the fall and mild winters. Many people like the grace and beauty of icy canes in the dead of winter. Some folks do decide, like congress, to do nothing.

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