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Ornamental Grass

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Question: 1031-4213
What is a good ornamental grass to add to my landscape? Donna, Warwick, RI

Mort's Answer:
Miscanthus sinensis can grow to ten feet as would Pampas grass. Pampas grows best near water. Fountain grass is very popular now. There are dwarf varieties, Penniseum alopecuroides Hamlin and P.alopecurooiides Weserbergland. These dwarf plants are hardy to 20 below zero and grow about 18 inches. There are 3-4 feet high red and purple fountain grasses. They prefer dry soil and plenty of sun. Taller grasses can be cut to a foot from the ground in the spring. Blue fescue balls grows best in shade to about 15 inches. Festuca ovine glauca makes an excellent counterpoint to the erect smaller grasses and prostrate evergreens.

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Question: 208-5201
I am having a difficult time splitting my grasses. Any suggestions? Heather, Waterford, CT

Mort's Answer:
Ornamental grasses are good candidates for a split but often require healthy brother in laws. Cut it back to a foot from the ground. This will facilitate handling the passive clump. Dig a trench around the plant as if it were a shrub. Cut under the root with a spade. This could be two feet or deeper. Lay the plant on its side. Slice through the top of the grass as well as the root. You may want to cut it into quarters. I would not make any new plants smaller than four inches.

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