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Question: 882-313
We have a patch of wild onions that is about 50x100 feet. How do get rid of it? Bob, Cape Springs, GA

Mort's Answer:
You will need to crowd it out, if you do not want to use a herbicide. Firstly, you need to cut it down to the ground as soon as possible. Plant some winter rye over the onions. I love the scent of sweet onion. It may take a few years before you have completely eradicated it. This spring, as early as you can, plant annual rye and follow that up with perennial rye in May. In the fall or next spring plant fescue and blue grass in late spring next year. Do not be concerned if you have to keep mowing to an inch in the fall and spring until it is under control. There are very effective herbicides that can be applied instead. Lastly, you could leave it alone and learn to love the scent.

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